"Bud Bierhaus was the one guy I would have jumped over mountains  to sing with professionally, he is nothing short of amazing,
and with his longtime compatriot Eric Uglum, they have captured the sound and integrity of all that music should ever be"
---Chris Hillman

The Vintage Martins to

Eastwood Records

Posted on November 22, 2017 By John Lawless

The Vintage Martins, an acoustic/bluegrass duo consisting of Bud Bierhaus and Eric Uglum, have signed with Eastwood Records for a new album, Traveled, due in April of 2018.

It’s an interesting pairing for both label and artists. Eastwood is a Louisville, KY-based company that, despite being in the Bluegrass State, have not worked with bluegrass artists in the past. They take an interesting approach for an indie label, in that they also provide booking services for their artists with an in-house agent on staff. With an artist service-centered approach, they believe they can win acts away from larger labels by providing opportunities the bigger companies don’t offer.


Fans of The Vintage Martins
brought their own vintage Martins to sit on stage with the group at The Logandale Fall Festival. 

Two award-winning musicians, Eric Uglum and Bud Bierhaus, have played music together for over 30 years,

including time in the acclaimed California bluegrass band, Copperline.They reunited in 2015, forming Bluegrass duo, The Vintage Martins.The pair often play as a trio  with Ron Block of Alison Krauss and Union Station, and as a full band with the addition of  Christian Ward (Sierra Hull) on fiddle, and Austin Ward (Kenny and Amanda Smith Band) on bass.

Ron block and Eric Uglum  playing to a sold out house  at The Country Music Hall of Fame,  Nashville, TN (August, 2017)